How will TIger Woods rank at the end of this year?

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woods-westwood-scoreboardThere is a new proposal in the way that the Mark H. McCormack Award, which is offered to the player who has been No. 1 for the most weeks during the year, will be decided by the Official World Ranking board.

Since 1998, Tiger Woods has been the only winner of the award. He carried this distinction into 2010 and would have taken the title for the year but gave up the top honour to Lee Westwood on October 31st.

The change that is being considered in how this award would now be presented is to look at the total world ranking points accrued during the year. If this proposal had been adopted, PGA Champ Martin Kaymer and Luke Donald would both be edged out by Westwood.

In the proposal, it would be how a player performs vesus the strongest field that would dictate their points reward. Because the points are raw points and not average points, the number of tournaments the player enters would not affect the overall points awarded.

Westwood’s play over the last two years has earned him the position of No. 1, which his reward.

Looking at the world rankings can be a good indicator as to how Tiger Woods’s year has gone. When taking his play in 2009 into consideration, he maintains his ranking of No.2. This play consisted of seven wins which was still more than anyone during the last two years. As the points gradually fall off week after week, Tiger’s play actually lost more points during the year than any other player had earned. In so much, if the rankings were to be assessed over the course of one year, Woods would presently be ranked around No. 58th.

With the beginning of 2011, it will depend on how Tiger comes out of the gate and his success which will determine if he is able to maintain his position. For an example, if he was not to earn any points, by the time the Master’s rolls around, he would be out of the top ten and if it continued, out of the top 20 by the U.S. Open. However, this is not likely to be the case but it does show just how vulnerable Tiger is to possible position changes this year.

According to Tiger Woods, he remarks that losing his positon of No. 1 does not determing his play, as winning would take care of that situation. The problem being is that he has not won now in more than a year. He also maintains that he is not effected by the off course discussions that he will not win another major or reach the pinnicle that he once held.

“That’s not why I play the game,” he said. “My dad has always been adamant, all throughout my childhood, ‘Only play the game of golf and go after what you want to go after, don’t let anyone else influence you, play from your heart and soul.’ That hasn’t changed. My goal is to win every tournament I tee it up in and be prepared for every event.”

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